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Mobile Teacher provides a platform where all teachers can share and leverage
best teaching practices to provide quality education to learners without barriers.


Mobile Teacher's mission stems from a vision for the future, picturing an inspirational,
ideal world: A world where all students benefit from a quality education.


Mobile Teacher's vision is rooted in its three core values, highlighting the strength of teachers globally, the importance of contextualization, and the belief in the possibility of never letting technological barriers limit opportunity. Mobile Teacher believes:

How It Works

Mobile Teacher uniquely provides:

Mobile Teacher is the only app that works without internet for teachers in developing countries to share videos of their effective teaching practices.


Education is a fundamental human right recognized by the international community and central to the construction of democratic societies.
It is one of the most powerful tools for breaking the cycle of poverty and is directly linked to improved health outcomes, sustainable economic development, and political stability.
In 2017, about 60 percent of global children and youth of primary and lower secondary school age were not meeting minimum proficiency standards in mathematics and reading. An estimated 53% of children in low and middle-income countries can't read proficiently by age 10.
This has led to over 750 million illiterate adults worldwide fueling poverty and marginalization around the globe.
UNESCO recognizes these as critical issues and developed Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education, to combat them by ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all.
To support & attain this goal, there is a need for quality teacher training and development supporting teachers in areas with limited technological resources.

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Dr. Katherine Guevara

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Mel Eliasyan

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Brian Kim
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